Here are some links to cool websites both Kiss and non-Kiss related.


E-Mail Obfuscator
(If you have a Javascript-enabled browser, all the links to contact me in this site appear as a normal HTML "Mailto:" link. However it's actually a Javascript trick that makes them appear this way, so that web crawling software can't harvest the email links for Spam. This site has the freeware javascript that does this. Great trick if you are a Webmaster.)


(Dot Easy. This is who I host this site with. If you're looking to create a site yourself or switch providers, check them out, I've found them excellent. This link has a referral code which gives your a $3 credit.)

Trade Me
(New Zealand's premier auction site. Much easier to use and better than Ebay. I've bought many of my Kiss items on here!)


Kiss Online
Link to Kiss Online
(The band's official website)
Link to GeneSimmons.Com
(Gene Simmons' official website)
(Find out about Paul's news and solo projects)
Link to TommyThayer.Com
(Tommy Thayer's official website)

The Official Bruce Kulick Website
Link to
(Arguably the nicest guy of the band past or present, keep up with what he's doing now)

The Kiss FAQ's
(Probably the most in-depth source of Kiss music and history)

Lynn's Kiss Dominion
(Fan-based site, lots of cool stuff)

Kiss Asylum
(One of the earlier, and better sites - still updated often)

The Croc's Domain - Kiss Page
(Pictures, links and other odds and ends)

Kiss Home
Link to KissHome.Net
(News, gallery, discography and more)

Kiss Psycho Circus
(Dedicated to the Kiss Psycho Circus comic book series)

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