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Kiss has been known almost as much for its merchandising, as the music. Why is this? Probably a cross between the fact they are a very visual band, which their early Manager Bill Aucoin recognised the potential of, and Gene Simmons' business acumen.

Personally, I love a lot of the merchandise - especially the early stuff from the 70's to the early 80's. One of my favourites is the tourbooks - I love how big they are, with the beautiful, glossy photos - and I remember the excitement of buying a tourbook before attending the show! Some of them are very rare and extremely hard to come by - searching for ones I'm missing is part of the fun! (I'm still missing many, so if you have any you want to sell or trade,

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I also love the Kiss bubblegum cards. This is a fun memory from when I was a child - taking some of my pocket money to the local store and getting the cards in their packs - the anticipation of opening them up and hoping to get that elusive card to complete the set! Swapping with my friends and getting jealous if they had the ones I was missing! I loved the smell of the gum too, and sometimes now I can catch a whiff of the gum on some of the cards still.

The other area I like isn't really "merchandise", but it's collecting the 7" and 12" singles. This is difficult as there are so many variations from around the world. I especially like the picture sleeve singles. Back when vinyl was still popular, I can remember scouring record stores and their huge piles of 7" singles, hoping to score that elusive rare kiss single mixed up with all the other 50c used singles! My friend Paul Smith and I spent hours in an Auckland store (Real Groovy Records) one day doing this, and between us scored about 20 singles - the hardest job was at the end deciding who kept which ones!

Anyway, this page has links to explanations of some of the merchandise, and some pictures of the items - so please read on and click the area you're interested in!


Bubblegum Cards (Series One, Series Two, Australia 1980 re-release)

Tour Books (ALL tourbooks listed)

7" and 12" Singles - coming soon!

Magazines and Books - coming soon!

Action Figures - coming soon!

Other - coming soon!

KISS Merchandise For Sale

OK. The first point I want to make here is that I'm a fan - not a dealer. I collect merchandise for my personal enjoyment - not to buy and sell to make a profit.

The only stuff that will ever be listed here, is stuff that:

1) I have a duplicate of, so I'm letting go of the spare item; or
2) I don't have room anymore to keep; or
3) For whatever reason I don't want to keep the item anymore.

So have a look below - if you're interested in anything, please

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. I have a PayPal account, so you can arrange to pay me via PayPal if it's easier for you.

KISS Australian Tour 2004 Promo Card

Kiss Australian Tour 2004 Promo Card FrontKiss Australian Tour 2004 Promo Card Back

This card is a full colour, double sided promotional card put out to publicise Kiss' 2004 Australian tour. It is an official card put out by the promoters (Andrew McManus). Size is approx. 15cm by 10cm. The front and back are shown above (in reduced image quality for quicker download!)

Front of the card promotes the show featuring the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, with special guests Grinspoon and Machine Gun Fellatio. Kiss' line-up for this tour was Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer.
Reverse of the card promotes the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane shows.

As far as I'm aware, this was only distributed to the promoters, and therefore makes a rare, cool Kiss collectible - especially cool if you were at any of these shows.
I was lucky enough to get a handful of these when over in Aussie.

Price NZD $15 plus postage

KISS Australia and New Zealand Alive Worldwide 1996/97 Tour Press Kit/Brochure RARE!

Reunion Tour Press Kit Page 1Reunion Tour Press Kit Page 2

This is a A4 sized (approx. 30cm x 21cm) brochure. It folds out to three double-sided pages (i.e. 6 pages in total). All are full colour. The images above only show pages one and two. The other pages are: two pages of band facts; one page of Alive/Worldwide tour facts and dates; and one page discography.

This is an official Mercury Records press kit, distributed only to press and promoters. Making these ever rarer, is the fact the tour dates were subsequently changed from what is printed - a couple of these have had the dates changed in silver marker by the Record Company themselves!

I was lucky enough to get a small number of these due to a friend knowing the promoter.

I've only ever seen this for sale once before - and it was being sold for USD $25!

Price NZD $25 plus postage

There are a few more items I will be putting on this page soon, once I get around to scanning them or taking pictures - so watch this page.

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