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Every so often, I'll include a sample MP3 here from my collection. Sometimes it'll be a rarity, sometimes it'll be a live snippet - but you can always guarantee it will be cool!

The sample will be in MP3 format at a 128kbps bitrate (in order to keep the file size reasonable) - some loss of quality occurs as a result compared to my originals. Please don't distribute these samples any further in this lossy, MP3 format. As fans and collectors we should only trade in lossless format to preserve the source quality.

If you would like a specific sample from any other stuff in my collection, please just contact me directly and I'll be happy to help you out.

I'm happy to do these monthly samples for the love of it, but it does take money, time and effort.
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The current sample is 'New York Groove', performed live by the Ace Frehley Band at Birch Hill Nite Club, Old Bridge, NJ, USA on 19th February, 1995.

The band sounds great, and this is a very good quality recording (I'm informed it's from the soundboard). There's a brief jam before they launch into the song.

Click to Download the free MP3 sample! (MP3 file: 4.58 MB, duration: 5:00min)
Firehouse - live by Kiss 1973 at the Daisy! Click to download MP3 sample!

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