The following list includes mostly demos, out-takes, and unreleased songs.

Anything recorded by/relating to Kiss (eg unreleased songs or band demos), or the band members while in Kiss (eg demos done by one band member only, but the band member was still in Kiss) are listed under the Kiss rarities section.

Everything else (eg unreleased songs or demos done by a member before joining, or after leaving Kiss) are listed under the Kiss Related rarities section. This includes if a current Kiss member was working specifically on a non-Kiss project (eg Paul performing live with Bon Jovi, or providing guest vocals on a song for a different artist).

You will note that there are not many 'unmixed' rarities here, like some other sites have. This is because the vast majority are fakes, and not true unmixed Kiss tracks - instead they are made by a fan using music editing software and applying various effects to the channels and frequencies, and then passing it off as if they are unmixed studio cuts.
The same could also be said of some demos and unreleased songs.
I have tried to include these in my listings only where I think they are genuine.

Generally I don't collect interviews so there are virtually none listed here. There are however a few snippets from radio appearances, mostly where they have performed something.

By the way, if you're interested in trading with me, you can pick and choose songs - you don't have to trade the whole Lick It Up studio sessions from me, that are 2 hours long, if you only want one song from it!

As always, if there's any corrections to the details I have recorded, please

KISS Rarities
Length Quality
Original Electric Lady studio demos (Deuce/Cold Gin/Strutter/Watchin' You/Black Diamond)
[more information!]
1973 25 EX+
Five demos done by Gene Simmons around 1975/1976 period (High And Low/Jelly Roll/Rotten To The Core/Daily Planet (instrumental)/Burning Up With Fever) 1975/76 18 EX+
Destroyer album demos. Includes instrumentals, changed lyrics, and unreleased songs. 1976 40 EX-
'Beth' acoustic version 1976 3 EX-
Radio ad for 'The Originals' LP 1976 1 EX-
Rock And Roll Over album demos (Mr Speed/Hard Luck Woman/Makin Love/Ladies Room) 1976 15 G+
Love Gun album demos (Christine Sixteen/I Stole Your Love/Tomorrow And Tonight/Love Gun/Got Love For Sale) 1977 15 G-
'Love Gun' song demo 1977 4 EX-
Alive 2 (Side 4) album demos. Slightly different versions of final songs, and a different version of I Want You 1977 25 EX
Gene Simmons solo album out-takes (Love Came To Me/Heartthrob/It's Gonna Be Alright) 1978 15 EX-
Gene Simmons solo album demos (Love Is Blind/Forever) 1978 7 VG+
Paul Stanley solo album demos (Wouldn't You Like To Know Me/Tonight You Belong To Me/Move On/Ain't Quite Right) 1978 15 G
Peter Criss solo album demos (There's Nothing Better/Gonna Be A Rumble/Dirty Livin'/Out Of Control) 1978 18 EX-
Gene Simmons - Virgin demos (Gene demoing songs with the bank Virgin). Some of these songs were recorded later also but these versions date from this era and session. (I Have Just Begun To Fight/Reputation) 1978/79 7 EX+
Dirty Livin' - unreleased, extended version 1979 6 MT-
'I Was Made For Loving You' - extended version 1979 8 MT
Documentary from New Zealand radio during 1980 Unmasked Tour [more information!] 1980 39 VG
'Nowhere To Run' and 'Just A Boy' song demos 1980/81 7 VG
'Feel Like Heaven' song demo 1980/81 3 EX
'Deadly Weapon' song demo 1980/81 7 VG
'It's My Life' song demo 1981(?) 4 VG
'I Want You Only' song demo 1981 5 EX-
Music From The Elder album demo. Full of surprises! 1981 90 VG+
'Partners In Crime' song remix. Much heavier version! 1982 4 EX+
Creatures Of The Night album studio rehearsals (Get All You Can Take/Thrills In The Night) - instrumentals with Vinnie Vincent on guitar 1982 10 EX-
Lick It Up studio sessions. Includes demos, rehearsals, instrumentals, rough tracks, drum tracks, scat vocals, etc. Also includes the 'Not For The Innocent' demo with Gene and Paul sharing lead vocals! [more information!] 1983 120 VG+
Asylum album demos. Gene is rumoured to have written over 40 demos for this album, here are 15. 1984/5 40 VG
Crazy Nights album out-takes (Hide Your Heart/2 x mixes of Sword In Stone) 1987 15 EX
Crazy Nights album outtakes, five Paul songs that didn't make it in, including a different version of Hide Your Heart 1987 25 EX-
'My Way' vocal track 1987 3 EX-
'My Way' song demo 1987 4 EX-
'Reason To Live' song demo 1987 4 EX-
'Bang Bang You' song demo 1987 4 EX-
'Lets Put The X In Sex' - 3 different versions (Remix / 'Sex-A-Pella' mix, 'X-Sessive' [extended] mix versions) [more information!] 1988 17 EX+
'Rock And Roll All Night' - Paul plays live in front of a small studio audience 1989 4 EX+
'Betrayed' song demo 1990 4 VG
'The Street Giveth..' song demo 1990 4 VG
'Hide Your Heart' acoustic demo version 1990 5 EX+
'Rise To It' remix 1990 5 MT
'Forever' remix 1990 4 EX+
'I'll Be Back Again' brief acoustic jam 1990(?) 1 ex-
'Every Time I Look At You' acoustic, played solo by Paul on Barharne NKK 1992 2 EX-
Revenge studio sessions. Includes demos, rehearsals, instrumentals, rough tracks, scat vocals, etc. Cool to hear how these songs came together in the studio.
[more information!]
1992 57 EX+
'Detroit Rock City' acoustic, on the Howard Stern Show 1993 5 EX-
'Hard Luck Woman' acoustic on WAAF, Boston 1993 4 EX-
'Cold Gin' acoustic on WAAF, Boston 1993 5 EX-
'Lick It Up' acoustic on WAAF, Boston 1993 4 EX-
'Rock And Roll All Night' acoustic on Pirate Radio 1993 2 EX-
'Calling Dr Love' acoustic on Pirate Radio 1993 2 EX-
'Detroit Rock City' acoustic on Pirate Radio 1993 4 EX-
'I Still Love You' acoustic on Pirate Radio 1993 3 EX-
'Goin' Blind' acoustic on MTV Europe 1994 3 EX-
'Detroit Rock City' 1998 edit version 1998 5 EX+
KISS Related Rarities
Length Quality
Eric Carr / The Cellarmen demos, featuring Eric vocals (Your Turn To Cry/I Cry At Night/I Found You (The One I Adore)/Then I Made A Wish/I'm A Believer [rehearsal]) 1967/68 13 VG+
Eric Carr / The Cellarmen. Eric's group featuring as backing band only (no lead vocals, but harmonies) for Crystal Collins. 5 tracks. (No Matter How You Try x 3 (incl. 2 x rehearsals)/When You Grow Tired x 2 (incl. 1 x rehearsal) 1969 11 VG+
'Stanley The Parrot' & 'Leeta' - Gene Simmons / Bullfrog Bheer early songs ~1970 8 EX
'Beck' - Demo by Peter Criss and Chelsea. The original version of this song, before it was re-worked into 'Beth' for Kiss for Destroyer! 1970/71 3 VG
Wicked Lester sessions. From different recording sessions, 11 unique songs and 22 tracks in total. [more information!] 1972 69 MT-
Lips demos (Peter's pre-KISS band - he is NOT lead vocals) 'Don't You Let Me Down/I'm Gonna Love You/Love Love Love/Hooked On Rock And Roll/That's The Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes) 1972 25 EX+
Out Of Control - Peter Criss' 1st post-KISS album 1980 40 MT
Warrior Demo (Vinnie Vincent's pre-KISS group) pre1982 30 EX-
Let Me Rock You - Peter Criss' 2nd post-KISS album 1982 40 MT
Ace Frehley - unreleased, COMPLETED songs (Audio-Video/The Girl Can't Dance/The Hurt's On/Baby It's You/Remember Me/Gotta Find A Party) 1984 25 MT-
Frehley's Comet demo #1, 11 tracks 1984 50 MT-
Frehley's Comet demo #2. 10 tracks, different from demo #1 1985 45 VG
Frehley's Comet demo #3. 10 tracks, some songs the same as above, but all are different takes from different studio time 1985 45 VG
Frehley's Comet demo #4, 5 tracks 1985 25 VG
Criss-Penridge Alliance demos. 3 songs 1985 15 EX+
Paul live with Bon Jovi at Monsters of Rock (Travelling Band/We're An American Band) 1987 13 EX-
Paul live with CInderella in Stockholm (Jumpin' Jack Flash) 1987 5 EX-
'Shocker' - song from the movie of the same name. Paul and Desmond Child share lead vocals, awesome song. 1990 4 MT-
'Love Her All I Can' by Anthrax, Paul & Gene on backing vocals 1993 4 EX+
Ace Frehley Demos (Sister/Don't Wanna Lose You/Too Far Gone/Take Me To The City/Cherokee Boogie) includes Richie Scarlett 1995 20 VG+